Commited to Quality

Hungry Hound is made up of partners and old friends, Cody Kulm and Dustin Michaels. We specialize in BBQ and country-cooked foods made on-site with one of our large BBQ pits. We offer custom set up for your catering needs, brought to you in our miniature log-cabin food truck/trailer, complete with our giant BBQ rotisserie pit.

The Magic Behind the Meat

Everything we offer, from our pulled pork sandwiches to our delicious coleslaw, is prepared with an intense level of care and dedication. Great BBQ is all about time, care, and loads of mouth watering seasoning, and oh boy do we do it right. We pile Miley Q seasonings atop the best meat, picked out by Dustin, a “seasoned” expert with over 15 years of meat cutting experience. From slow-smoked ribs slathered in thick, sweet & spicy BBQ, to pulled-pork nachos, whatever you are looking for, we do it right. When you are looking for quality and consistency for your next catering event, no one does on-site BBQ better than Hungry Hound!